The neglected "lungs" of the gearbox are so important!


The gearbox is one of the automotive component assemblies, located between the clutch and the central transmission. The shifting, reversing, and shifting to neutral during driving are all controlled by the transmission. Therefore, gearbox maintenance is a very important matter.

The neglected

The friction plates, steel plates, and other components in the internal structure of the gearbox inevitably produce small iron filings and impurities during operation, thereby affecting the normal working state of the gearbox. At this point, the transmission oil filter needs to be activated.

Many people have relatively little understanding of transmission filters. Simply put, it is the key to maintaining stable oil pressure in the gearbox and can be seen as the "lung" of the gearbox.

The transmission filter will filter out the small iron filings and sediment brought out by the transmission oil during operation, store impurities, and supply clean oil to various components. It has functions such as lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, and shear resistance, which can greatly extend the lifespan of the gearbox.

After prolonged use, the transmission filter element may be blocked by adsorbed oil sludge and impurities, resulting in a decrease in filtration capacity and a decrease in transmission oil suction pressure. The gearbox lacks lubrication, and impurities entering the gearbox can cause faults such as impact and slipping, exacerbating the wear of the gearbox.

The neglected

If only the transmission oil is changed without changing the filter, the adsorbed impurities will re participate in the circulation of the transmission oil and quickly contaminate the new oil, reducing the effectiveness of the oil change. In addition, if the filter is not replaced for a long time, it may also cause slow shifting and jerking, affecting the driving experience.

The neglected

There are many benefits to replacing the transmission filter regularly. It can improve the Mechanical efficiency of your car and effectively reduce fuel consumption; Eliminating jerkiness during gear shifting, making driving smoother; Replacing maintenance with maintenance to save maintenance costs.

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