Middle Eastern friends visit Jinan Hongtuda to reach cooperation

In April 2023, we welcomed several clients and friends from the Middle East, Iran, and Iraq who came to our company for a visit and study. In this exchange, we delved into the trends in the automotive industry after the current pandemic and determined our future cooperation intentions. Foreign friends strongly expressed their recognition and love for our products.

In order to express our enthusiasm and friendship, Hongtuda invited friends from Middle East customers to visit Jinan. We will lead friends to visit places of interest in Jinan, Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, etc., so that they can experience the long history and unique charm of China.

In addition to playing, we will also arrange a gathering to further deepen our friends' understanding of Chinese culture. We prepared authentic Jinan food for our friends, such as spring tofu, black tiger spring Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle), etc., and tasted Jinan's special food. At the same time, we also heard some British cultural stories shared by British friends, allowing us to learn and exchange ideas with each other.

Hongtuda is looking forward to the exchange and cooperation with Middle Eastern friends this time. We believe that through this visit, our friendship will be further deepened and our cooperation will also become closer. We will do our best to provide better service and quality to our British friends.

Middle Eastern friends visit Jinan Hongtuda to reach cooperation

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